Project02: Rethinking Form & Function Futuristic Concepts on Research

Futuristic Concepts on Research 

The Scabber

Back to the Future II Hoverboard

Curve Extreme Sport Skateboard

Curve Extreme sport  is a skateboard-like concept design aiming to start a new trend of extreme sport. The Curve uses tapered motor GP-like wheels to allow boarders to take ultra sharp turns at high speeds. Since the wheel is so thin, there is minimal friction, which means insane speed.
Unlike the traditional four-wheeled skateboard, the Curve only has two wheels, allowing the board to ride in a line, rather than a squared flat surface. These wheels allow for some extreme riding with crazy maneuvers and lots of broken bones.

BMW Skateboard – bmw street carver

The Street Carver is a brand new product designed any manufactured by BMW…yeah that’s right the same company that’s brought you sporty high maintenance cars brings you this hi-tech snowboard style carving board. The Street Carver is made from a combination of wood and fiberglass inlays, four pendulum supports from the BMW 5 Series suspension that provide guiding and stabilizing for the trucks, and highest grade steel trucks. It features advanced steering technology that lets you initiate purposeful changes in direction by shifting your weight so that fast steering maneuvers are possible. At higher speeds, your weight automatically stabilizes the ride

bmw street carver

Similar Street Carver Simpler Trucks Sharp Turn

The complete skateboard

The complete skateboard concept is essentially "designed to make skateboarding feel more like surfing, with a huge leaf-spring mounted between its long deck and the wheels.
The complete skateboard

Foldable Skateboard

Add this NYC designer Jin-Seok Hwang concept to the soon to be long list  of foldable skateboards. While he was at it, he redesigned the truck and added a rail system for changing your wheelbase.

Stowboard Foldable Skateboard

Pumpboard Skateboard

Pumpboard, designed by Puzon Maciej seems a bit odd and somehow, at the same time, interesting. The skateboard can be folded and stashed away when not in use, and pumped up whenever you’re in one of your skateboarding moods. The body of the board is covered with fibers on the inside for support and rigidity. We aren’t exactly floored by the idea, a foldable, inflatable skateboard doesn’t exactly sound appealing, even though the design looks good.

Flowlab board 1999

The Flowlab board is trying to to take the classic skateboard to the next level. Where a classic skateboard will allow you to carve at 25 degrees the Flowlab board allows upto 45 degree carves, using 14 wheels rather then the traditional 4.

Skate Matteo Gentile

Skate” from Matteo Gentile adds an electric motor to a stripped down hybrid of a skateboard and snowboard bindings, creating something altogether different, dangerous and cool. Ostensibly created for regular transport and short commutes, I think we all know what was going through Matteo’s mind when he sketched this bad boy out.

Vertrax Treaded Skateboard Concept

designer Bryson Lovett

 The 360 Skateboard 

At first glance, this gadget may look like an auto accessory, but it's actually an innovative skateboard. Basically, riders insert their feet into the board's all-terrain (grass or gravel) orbital wheels, and do tricks like they would on its four-wheeled counterpart. Connected by steel shafts, the wheels allow for easy movement and doubles as a speed regulation system

The Freerider Skatecycle

The Freerider Skatecycle is made from a solid aluminum frame, durable composite body parts, two slip-resistant footboards, hubless wheels and a twisting axle. With the help of the axle, rider can propel the device with ease.

Freeline Skates – one two-wheeled skateboard for each foot

 The Short-Board Skateboard
Kiwi designer Alex Hodge

This is the DTV Shredder, a militarized skateboard with two caterpillar tracks. It can travel at over 30mph, go up 40-degree slopes, turn around in four feet, and be remotely operated. It's also quite spectacular in action: